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Branson Hotel Logo

Branson Hotel Logo

Branson Hotel Logo

  • This logo Recessed into the water fall
  • 60 hours of stonework.
  • Logo was 4x4 ft.
  • A smaller version of the logo is on top of the fireplace in the Branson Hotel

  • The Waterfall piece sold for $1600 and the smaller logo sold for $350

    This is a large piece of flagsone on edge, 5 1/2 ft wide by 5 ft tall. The client wanted a wolf howling at the moon and their name across the bottom. The template was made of the stone. When the artwork was glued to the rock it left a border of about 4 inches. This particular piece of artwork is $1000 if you supply the flagstone.

    If you have a similiar rock and supply the measurements we can create your own personalized scene. Instructions will be included when shipped on adhering artwork to flat surface. This will cut down on shipping. If you prefer a very large piece, for instance larger than 8 foot by 12 foot, we can haul and install to you.

    For Quotes on custom work please e-mail or call.

    Pricing will be determined according to furniture type, custom work, and will be dependant on individual sale or set. We do except payment through:
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